Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Using Twitter to gain a bunch of great links

If you've been interested in how to make links to your site, you're in luck.
Twitter has become so popular that there are many sites spawning from it, luckily these websites allow you to make profiles and use your twitter bio (including its link) and post it on their site. These include dofollow and nofollow links.

Main article: 15 Sites That Help You Use Your Twitter Profile for Link Building by Kristi Hines

You can make a good 5-10 links many of them that can pass link juice to your site using her instructions.

Here are some of the sites she talks about and examples on how they actually work to put your website out there through links from your Twitter account, some of the ones from Kristi's post are no longer valid so here is a list of the ones that work with an example of one website who did what Kristi recommended:

1) A dofollow Link from Twitter bio
2) Muck Rack A nofollow link on custom bio
3) Fav Star A dofollow link from a small favicon on the top left of the page
4) Twitter Biz Card A dofollow link on the big link icon image.
5) ReTweet Rank A nofollow link on your website that is shortened.

Example of a site that didn't work:

1) Twitter Counter
The site doesn't give you a link, only puts your link in text on the profile

Therefore, creating those 5 profiles could take about 30 minutes and will get you 3 links with dofollows and 2 nofollow links. Also they serve as good tools to monitor your twitter account.

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